Review: Official Set 8992 - Cendox V1

by Christian Dvorak on

The Battle Vehicles of Bionicle are back! With high expectations for this subtheme, the Cendox V1 gets us off to a respectable start.

Review: Official Sets - Glatorian Legends

by Christian Dvorak on

After the success of the Glatorian, the Glatorian Legends don't quite meet the same level.

Review: Official Sets - Glatorian

by Christian Dvorak on

A nice change of direction from the typical Bionicle group of 6 makes the Glatorian some of my favorite groups for the theme

Review: Official Sets - Agori

by Christian Dvorak on

Our first look at Bionicle's 2009 transition to Bara Magna

Review: Official Set 76251 - Star-Lord's Helmet

by Christian Dvorak on

Get your 80’s Playlist on shuffle and have a blast with this one! We’ve got Star-Lord’s helmet.

Review: Official Set 8954 - Mazeka

by Christian Dvorak on

Rounding out the 2008 line of Bionicle is an absolute gem, which presents us a type of vehicle we simply haven't gotten yet in this theme

Review: Official Set 8953 - Makuta Icarax

by Christian Dvorak on

An improvement from the first Limited Edition set from 2008, but there's still a lot to desire.

LEGO® Announces the Newest UCS X-Wing

by Christian Dvorak on

For the third time, LEGO® is releasing a UCS X-Wing Starfighter™. And while it looks to be a great set, it doesn't do quite enough to stand out...

Review: Official Set 8952 - Mutran & Vican

by Christian Dvorak on

When the best part of a set is the packaging, there's issues.

Review: Official Set 8942 - Jetrax T6

by Christian Dvorak on - 1 Comment

The second entry to the Bionicle 2008 Battle Vehicle reviews does not disappoint, and sets the stage for a highly anticipated closeout to the line.