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XXXVI: A Legend is Born

Designer — All-Out Brick

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"My mind is just blown... this (The Director) is absolutely insane!"

by David Hall, Solid Brix Studios

"Amazing MOC, amazing dedication in developing the manual – congratulations."

by Belkor via Eurobricks

“I must say, those instructions are GREAT ... Thanks for those incredible instructions! They are well worth the price.”

by Legocharles via Eurobricks

“An absolutely stunning instructions manual and model! Thank you for everything!”

by Jackos via Eurobricks

“Thanks to you and Cavegod for the opportunity to build this beauty! The Sandcrawler is definitely a highlight in my collection!”

by Bricksmarlin via Eurobricks

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All-Out Brick

We provide everyone with the opportunity to build models that thus far have been limited to fan-designs. The world is full of designers who produce stunning models, we facilitate the process of delivering their designs to you through digital instruction manuals.

Our models are expertly crafted, and our instructions pave the way for builders of any experience to build intricate designs with ease. Coming from a Civil & Structural Engineering background, we strive on making sure that all of our models and instructions are clear, concise, and structurally sound.

No detail is overlooked. Not a single page, not a single step, and not even a single piece is glossed over during the design and building process. Created by fans, made for everyone.

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