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Our Story

Our mission is to provide everyone with the opportunity to build expertly-crafted, fan-made models.


The inspiration for this business came when I stumbled upon an incredible LEGO® model that I wanted to create. I contacted the designer, and they sent me all the digital files they had of the design. This was great, but without a step-by-step guide, assembling this model proved to be incredibly difficult, and I wasn’t alone. Many enthusiasts like myself were having difficulty assembling these models. This is how All-Out Brick was born. We started this company to provide everyone with the opportunity to build expertly-crafted, fan-made models.

What we do!

All-Out Brick creates step-by-step instruction manuals for incredible LEGO® models that otherwise could never be accessed by fans around the world. We work in coordination with designers around the globe to transfer their designs into an easy to follow instruction manual that can be used by anyone who has the desire to put some bricks together. The process involves reverse-engineering brick built or digital designs and reconstructing them in a step-by-step format. We then sell the instruction manuals which can be downloaded and accessed from anywhere in the world.

What's next?

We are are always looking for new designers so we can deliver more expertly-crafted guides. If you have a model that you think deserves attention around the world, send us a message! Our instructions pave the way for builders of any experience to build intricate designs with ease. Coming from a Civil & Structural Engineering background, we strive on making sure that all of our models and instructions are clear, concise, and structurally sound. No detail is overlooked. Not a single page, not a single step, and not even a single piece is glossed over during the design and building process. Created by fans, made for everyone

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