Review: Official Set 8990 - Fero & Skirmix

  • by Christian Dvorak

I know we’re working a little bit backwards here after some Battle Vehicles, but that’s just due to me having a hard time grabbing this set with the packaging. Fero is a member of the thieving Bone Hunters, who were a tribe of nomads that inhabited the desert of Bara Magna. He once gained the respect of a Rock Steed Skirmix, who then became Fero’s ally. Rock Steed are fierce reptilian creatures that were equipped with a venomous stinger tail and sharp teeth. They served as the Bone Hunters' travel across the desert, not to mention a fierce companion in battle.


The packaging is set in what appears to be some desert ruins, but it could also be part of an arena, it’s tough to tell. The set features Fero riding Skirmix and the packaging is sure to note that this is a Special Edition set.

The back of the box gives us a look at the two characters split off from one another in front of some sort of staircase. The back of the box also includes the play features as well as a look at the 6 Glatorian sets.



Fero is allegedly a Special Edition figure, but I’m pretty stumped on what exactly is so Special Edition about it. Compared to the Atakus Agori, Fero is constructed the same, just in all black. Fero’s weapon piece rather than being glow in the dark has a lime green middle, and he carries a Thornax Launcher. Fero’s helmet is the same one that we got in the Skrall Glatorian set, so definitely no unique mold here.



Skirmix was a rather simple build that really takes me back to the earlier Bionicle Titan sets. Again, think like 2004-2005. He very clearly mimics a T-Rex with his large hind legs paired with the smaller arms. Also the dark red color makes me really think of Scooby Doo and the Cyber Chase. The dark red T Rex from that movie is really reminiscent. There’s a very minimal amount of detail at the legs, personally I would have liked to see some extra armor plating at his thighs rather than the single dark red technic liftarm.

The head is well constructed, making use of the mask piece we got with Fenrak back in 2006, this time in dark red. I really like the dark red claw piece which portrays some feathers sticking out of the back of his head, it’s a nice touch that helps distinguish the reused mask mold. The jaw is able to open and close, it’s nothing too special but the overall appearance really changes based on the mouth being open or closed.


Play Features

There aren’t any incredible play features with this set, mainly just the articulation options with the legs, tail, arms, and head. The head being able to turn side to side and up & down does a lot for the character and being able to portray emotion. Fero is able to be placed on Skirmix’s back via a single axle. It’s a simple mount that’s stable enough and pretty flush with Skirmix’s back. And of course we have the Thornax Launcher as well as a Life Counter which is cleverly placed on Skirmix’s back.


Current Pricing & Final Thoughts

When it comes to this set's current value, in used condition you can pick up this set for around $55, while new condition would set you back approximately $130. The decision between used and new really just comes down to how much of a risk you’re willing to take on the socket joints. We know the deal with 2009 at this point, they’re fragile and used condition sets will likely have at least one cracked socket piece.

Overall this is a well executed Bionicle set, but it’s very forgettable and I can definitely see it fading away when thinking about Bionicle. It’s construction and features really make me think of the 2004 Toa Lhikan and Kikanalo set, but we’ve seen that before so I have to dock this down a little bit.


Score: 6.9/10

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