Review: Official Set 8952 - Mutran & Vican

by Christian Dvorak on

When the best part of a set is the packaging, there's issues.

Review: Official Set 8942 - Jetrax T6

by Christian Dvorak on - 1 Comment

The second entry to the Bionicle 2008 Battle Vehicle reviews does not disappoint, and sets the stage for a highly anticipated closeout to the line.

Review: Official Set 75331 - The Razor Crest

by Christian Dvorak on - 2 Comments

Ahead of the highly-anticipated launch of Season 3 of The Mandalorian, we dive into the absolutely massive Razor Crest set.

Review: Official Set 8941 - Rockoh T3

by Christian Dvorak on

A very pleasant introduction to the highly-regarded Battle Vehicle sets from the 2008 line of Bionicle.

Review: Official Set 40581 - Tahu and Takua

by Christian Dvorak on

A breakdown of one of the most heavily anticipated Gift With Purchase sets in a long time, a tribute to a 22 year-old Bionicle set.

Review: Official Set - Toa Mahri

by Christian Dvorak on

Not quite the best Toa we've ever seen, but some pretty great ones that are sure to leave a lasting impression.

Review: Official Set - Botar

by Christian Dvorak on

The best Titan combination model thus far, but not quite enough to prefer it over the two sets it's composed of.

Review: Official Set 8734 - Brutaka

by Christian Dvorak on

A stellar Titan that is without a doubt one of the best Bionicle sets we've ever seen

Review: Official Set - Matoran of Voya Nui

by Christian Dvorak on - 1 Comment

An extremely disappointing introduction to Voya Nui

Review: Official Set 10203 - Voporak

by Christian Dvorak on

Not the most iconic character, but certainly the best titan combination model of its wave.