Review: Official Set 76251 - Star-Lord's Helmet

  • by Christian Dvorak

This set was originally released earlier this year in 2023, but feels like the perfect set to cover right now with Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 hitting theaters last weekend.



The packaging for this set sticks to the 18+ template of an overall black background with a faint glow in the background and a red trim which runs along the bottom and includes the general set information.

The back of the box switches up the angle a little bit and showcases some reference images from the Guardians of the Galaxy movies.

The set includes four numbered bags as well as the physical instruction manual.


Model Review

The build for this set absolutely flew by, coming in at 52 minutes, which for a 600-piece set was a bit faster than I typically build. The helmet is of course symmetrical so there’s quite a bit of repetition, but with a smaller scale set such as this one that’s not much of a concern as you’re still constantly shifting to new sections of the helmet.

Much like the other helmets that we’ve seen so far, despite being a smaller model there is quite a bit of layering and detail included. I would love to get some insight on how they chose this scale for the helmet sets because time and time again it proves to be the perfect scale to balance accuracy with stability and affordability.

The red lenses are without a doubt the first thing your eyes shift to when you glance over at the set, which in this case are printed! Looking at the packaging and set photos released by LEGO® I would have put a hefty wager that the eyes were going to be stickers, but I give LEGO® a ton of credit for making these parts printed. In fact, there are zero stickers with the entire set, which is unfortunately rare nowadays. The mouth covering was another piece I would have sworn would be a sticker, but they took the printed route, and once again proved to be a great decision. The eyes and mouthpiece are critical parts to this build, so to see them receive the printed treatment greatly increases the set’s value to me.

Along a similar line are the gold accents, which are featured on the front of the helmet. I wish that LEGO® had extended this gold usage to the back of the helmet where they chose to use dark tan pieces instead. Sure the back of the helmet won’t be visible on most people’s displays, but there is a clear difference in appeal when it comes to the gold accents on the front versus the dark tan accents on the back.

The inside of the helmet is nearly all black, which was an obvious good choice by LEGO® to keep this model looking sleek and as if the helmet does rest on a monolithic stand. The rest of the stand is the standard black structure with a printed display plate.


Final Thoughts

Overall this set was executed very well and makes for an excellent addition to the ever growing LEGO® Helmet Collection. All of the key details seen in the films are replicated to great accuracy and would be a great display piece for any LEGO® or Marvel fan. 

At a price point of $80 it does feel a little bit overpriced. If the gold accents were used throughout the entire helmet I may feel different. Of all the helmets currently available this set has the 3rd fewest pieces, but is the most expensive. That doesn’t correlate to me, but it’s still a great set. This is only the second helmet set I’ve gotten, but after this experience I’m already dying to head to the store and pick up some more.


Score: 8.5/10

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