Welcome to All-Out Brick

  • by Christian Dvorak

It is my pleasure to welcome you to All-Out Brick!

This has been a project of pure passion and dedication. After many months of development, and almost two years of planning, All-Out Brick has finally reached its official launch. The goal of All-Out Brick is to give everybody access to some of the best creations builders around the world have to offer. We want to make it easy for anyone, especially those unfamiliar with the world of custom MOCs (short for “My-Own-Creations”), to be able to seamlessly build models as if they came straight from the store.

If you’re familiar with the process of building a designer’s custom MOC then you certainly know that in order to build one for yourself, there’s often times a lot of speed bumps, modifications, and inconsistencies between what bricks you need and the ones on a parts list. We eliminate all of the issues, and spring you right to the fun part. Every model listed on our online store has gone through our holistic design process. This includes reverse engineering the MOC from scratch, developing a high-resolution PDF instruction manual, building the model again based on the manual, and cross referencing the parts list with all parts associated with each step of the final manual. This ensures that when you build one of our models, your building experience will be so smooth that you’ll be convinced it was an officially licensed product.

Nervous about building a custom MOC and collecting pieces? No need to worry. On our site you’ll find video tutorials for adding a parts list to Bricklink (our suggested retailer for parts), which will make purchasing the bricks for one of our MOCs no more complicated than a few clicks. Several models in our store also includes video tutorials, which provide guidance on assembling some of our larger MOCs.

Consider yourself a designer, or have something you’ve built that you’d like to turn into an instruction manual? We have good news for you! We’re always on the lookout for new additions to our site, and if you have something you’d like to share, contact us about having your design becoming a part of our online store.

But we’re not just an e-commerce site. On our blog and social media pages, you’ll find reviews of officially licensed sets as well as news information that will keep you up to date with all things related to The LEGO® Group. We encourage you to sign up for our newsletter, and to connect with us on YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook if you’d like to be the first to see all of our future content. This is especially true if you want to stay up to date with any of the free giveaways we have going on!

Here’s to the beginning of All-Out Brick. A lot of exciting projects are in the works, and we thank you for being here for all that lies ahead.


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