Review: Official Set 8593 - Makuta

  • by Christian Dvorak

This week we’re taking a look at set 8593, Makuta. This is the first time we’re getting the big overarching villain in set form, and I am really excited for it. Certainly that brings along some large expectations though.

This set contains a grand total of 199 pieces and is marketed for ages 8 and up.



Nothing new with the packaging design for this set compared to the other 2003 Titans, just swapped out pictures and text. There’s a dark blue background behind a larger image of the featured set. In the background are images of both the mask of light and the mask of shadows, which sit behind a glowing silhouette of the island of Mata Nui. The back of the box shows several different images, the main focus being the different functions that can be performed with this set. There are close up images of Makuta swinging his staff as well as a close up that depicts the two unique display styles for Makuta’s mask. There is also an image of a combination model that can be made using three of the titan sets released in 2003.

This set comes with 3 numbered bags along with the instructions and a small advertisement booklet.


The Build

This was a faster build than the other Titans with a build time coming in at just over 18 minutes. The build does an excellent job of pulling off a very imposing, intimidating look that would send our beloved Toa Nuva into a frenzy. His build is very organic which in combination with the size of the finished build produces an immediate sense that Makuta can wipe through any of the Toa like Thanos in Wakanda.

If you remember the review we did for the Rahkshi from 2003 you’ll recall how disappointed it was to see that their staffs could not be held in just one hand. Makuta does not have such weaknesses. He can hold his mighty staff in one or two hands which allows for a lot of options when displaying the model. Also unlike the Rahkshi there are no limitations regarding arm mobility while holding the staff with both hands. The arms move very fluidly and allow for posing the finished build in almost any way you can hope to.

There are a few different part “easter eggs” included in this build, such as the appearance of some old villain parts as well as one new one. Makuta’s hands are actually silver editions of the Mask of Light, which in my mind came out great for hand pieces. There are also Bohrok pieces in the feet and the arms are essentially just repurposed Rahkshi legs. The color scheme is a big plus for this set, the inclusion of red pieces and especially the dark pearl gray ones really make this set stand out aesthetically.

The only major issue with this set is the head stability. It seems to fall off constantly whenever the model gets moved around, which is quite annoying to put back into place when it happens repeatedly. Some smaller nitpicks are that the model is a bit wobbly on its feet and can be tough to stand up straight, but I attribute this to the weight distribution of the upper body and its entire weight being placed on a small technic gear mechanism. There is also a large gap that runs from the mid-back to the upper legs, which to me feels like something that was done to maintain the rotating function.



As a whole, the Makuta set is a great display piece, but just a good playset. It will look fantastic on your shelf and will draw attention, but it doesn’t offer any spectacular new play feature that I had expected from the climactic villain of Bionicle.

If you want this set nowadays, be prepared to pay the price. In used condition this set currently sells for around $50, and brand-new it sits around the $200 mark. If you’re thinking about getting it new I’d recommend researching if you could find a sealed Takutanuva set for a reasonable price as it includes an additional Mask of Shadows.

A set that doesn’t quite live up to expectations, but still provides a great display addition and a satisfying look for our big villain.


SCORE: 7.9/10

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