Review: Official Set 75299 - Trouble on Tatooine

  • by Christian Dvorak

Kicking off our LEGO® Star Wars™ review for 2021 is the Trouble on Tatooine set. I picked this up at my nearby LEGO® Store on New Year’s Day for the retail price of $30. I was really excited for this one because since I did not purchase the Razor Crest set, this was the first time I was going to get the Mando and (spoilers) Grogu minifigs. The set contains a total of 276 pieces and three minifigures.



The box shows off the Tatooine scenery and draws up the scenario when Mando pulls up to the Tusken Raider camp. I think the fact that the hut is pushed into the background here was a bit of a hint for this component of the set, but more on that later.

Much to my surprise there were three total bags, I thought that there was only going to be two total bags. We also receive the instructions and thankfully no stickers.



The build had its ups and downs, but overall, it was a good experience. The speeder bike used some neat techniques to achieve the shape and structure that it presents. The pouch on the speeder bike is hands down my favorite part about it. The pouch holds the Grogu minifigure securely just like in Chapter 9 of The Mandalorian™.

The second thing that you build is the hut, which I have to say, was a letdown. It feels rather incomplete and gives me the notion that the designers were perhaps restricted by budget and could not use as many pieces on the hut as they would have liked. The opening up/closing of the side flaps is a fun inclusion, but it really is a shame that this part of the build was mediocre.

After the hut build I had very little confidence in the crossbow, but I couldn’t have been much further off. This thing was way more complex than I imagined, and there were a lot of smart choices made to make the most out of this machine’s design in brick-form. This of course carries the spring-loaded shooter, which comes in a flat silver color rather than a typical transparent color. Great choice there.



The minifigures really are the stars of this set, specifically Mando and Grogu. Mando now has his Beskar armor, and this minifigure even has arm printing, which is really spectacular to see this in a $30 set. The detail on his chest are impeccable as well. The only complaint here is that the head underneath is just a plain black head and not a Din Djarin face. I’m not sure why they didn’t make a face print for this set, but I’m willing to bet that it won’t be that much longer until we get one.

This is the first time I’ve gotten the Grogu minifig, and I absolutely love it. The print on the chest is minimal but the rubber head mold is spectacular, it really captures the delicacy of Grogu. Last but not least the Tusken Raider is a great minifigure, even if we have seen this one before. The head mold is especially well done and again the detail of the printing on the legs and torso is really great.



Overall, this set was pretty enjoyable. The three build components are mostly well done and aside from the hut feels very intricate. Of course, if you’re a minifig person this set is a must, especially if you do not have a Mando or Grogu minifig yet. I imagine we won’t be seeing a cheaper set that includes both of them than this set right here. All that said, no need to rush out to get this set, you aren’t missing much, but those that do get it will be pleased with their purchase.


SCORE: 7.6/10


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