Review: Official Set 10280 - Flower Bouquet

  • by Christian Dvorak

The Flower Bouquet is a brand-new set released by The LEGO® Group in January of 2021. It kicks off the start of a new series of sets labeled “The Botanical Collection”, which aims to introduce new sets that include several pieces made from plant-based resources rather than plastic. This aligns with the company’s goal of phasing out plastic bricks in favor of more environmentally friendly materials by 2030.

The Flower Bouquet comes with 756 pieces and is labeled for ages 18+.



The box is designed just like all of the other 18+ sets by including an image of the model over a black background. There are some nice detail shots included on the packaging. I like how the back of the box includes all of the included flower designs laid out next to each other in order to show the relative sizes.

Inside we receive 3 numbered bags along with two separate bags for the large technic axles and the instructions. The instructions do a nice job of highlighting which flowers you will be building and telling a short story behind each of them. Since I really didn’t recognize any of the flowers aside from the Rose and Daisy, I really benefitted from this inclusion.




The build flies by for what is a 756-piece set. I finished the entirety of the build in an hour and 20 minutes, and I have to say, this build was very enjoyable. There’s a lot of really intricate building techniques used, and it is a good challenge to completely some of the assembly. The designers did a really fantastic job of balancing the level of detail with stability. None of the flowers are in any way fragile, which was a fear of mine going into this set review.

The result of the build is something completely new and unique. It’s unlike any set I’ve ever had before, and it plain and simple looks fantastic. There’s an incredible variety of flowers used here which while building may not feel like that big of a deal, but when the set is displayed it really makes each of the designs pop.

There really isn’t much that I wish were different about the actual build, the things that I wish were different are in regard to the display. I really wish that this set included a good amount of clear 1x1 round plates to serve as water in the vase they are displayed in. The set looks just a tad off without any water in the vase, and rather than using real water which would affect the parts, the best thing in this scenario are the clear 1x1 round plates. I’ll probably grab some the next time I place any Bricklink orders.



This set really impressed me. I knew it was going to be a rather unique one when it was announced, but having built the set and displaying it, it truly is marvelous. I’m extremely excited to build the Bonsai Tree in the near future, and will definitely be keeping an eye out for future sets that belong to this collection. LEGO® has done something quite remarkable here. The availability is a bit spotty right now, but I highly recommend grabbing this set as a part of your next purchase from LEGO®

With a few small tweaks this set would have been a monster score. That being said, the Flower Bouquet still left a great impression on me.


SCORE: 8.9/10

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